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Your Song.

One of the beautiful things about music is that a song can function like a “snapshot” that represents an experience, a memory, or even a person. So, just for fun I decided to make a list with songs that represent family and friends. These are not per say the favorite songs of these family and friends.

Now, not everyone I know and care about is on this list yet. With some a “defining moment” has not take place yet, or I had not been able to just pick one piece and am still making up my mind about it … So, sooner or later you might end up here too. 😉

Frits (dad)

I will start with Frits Hollander, my father. He is a big fan of bands like The Beach Boys and The Beatles, but he also listened to other artists, among them Roger Whittaker. His piece “The Last Farewell” has left an imprint on me, as child.

Karelien (mom)

Still undecided what piece represents my mother …

Mirte (sister)

Next up is my sister Mirte Hollander. She use to drive me insane playing some songs or albums on repeat over and over again … among them the soundtrack of Grease and the music of Madonna. This is her song.

John Michael (brother)

Still undecided what song represents my brother …

Harry (grandpa)

My grandpa often listened to a cassette tape with trucker songs while driving his car. As hobby clarinetist he also loved listening to music of Brass Band, Fanfare and Harmony Orchestra.

Elitsa Georgieva

There are many songs that can define Elitsa, from Jamiroquai, to Randy Crawford and Jamie Cullum. In fact, “our song” (as couple once upon a time is one of Cullum’s pieces called “Twenty Something“). A song that is for me connected most deeply, is a song of an artist Eli actually isn’t the greatest fan of, Diana Krall. But for me this song, featuring my all time favorite sax player Michael Brecker is about her …

Anna Shentova

This goes back many years (around 2000), when I went through a difficult period, with serious medical problems. Anna stepped into my life then several years later and became the mother of my daughter. We have long since been divorced, but this will always be hers.

Ivan “Tochka” Boyadzhiev

One of my “brothers” in Bulgaria. I learned a lot about sound engineering spending time with him in his studio. He also awoken an appreciation for house related Electronic music. This song I played at the Studio when we gathered with family and friends after his passing.

Jivko (DJ Jijo) Marinov

Another Bulgarian “brother in arms” and my all-time favorite DJ always surprised me with tasteful new Jazzy Grooves.

Tsvetan Momchilov

I have played many years with Tsetso in various formations. One of the pieces most of the time part of our repertoire was “Alligator Boogaloo”. The first time I played this song though was during my study time (1998-2000) at the Conservatorium.


One of Eli’s best friends enjoys listening to groovy jazzy stuff. In the past I shared some music from my collection with her, among it this track …